Neue Codes  

3. April 2019, 19:13 Uhr

Die Designer von Sulake werken ständig daran, uns jeden Monat mit großartigen Neuigkeiten zu überraschen. Deshalb arbeiten sie bereits an den Vorbereitungen für die nächste Kampagne im Monat Mai.

Beim  Durchsuchen der Hotelserver wurden schon wieder neue Codes entdeckt. Diese beziehen sich auf den Mai sowie das Hauptthema dieses Monats, das antike Griechenland. Weitere Codes weisen darauf hin, dass neue Tierterritorien erschaffen werden, aber die griechischen Räume werden die Hauptdarsteller im kompletten Mai sein. Samt sechs neuer Raritäten sowie einer neuen Möbel-Linie aus dem antiken Griechenland und neuen Boxen. 

5 neue Tierterritorien

landing.view.greek19baby.body=For all the pet-mad Habbos, we’ve built five brand new mini habitats for Kittens, Piglets, Puppies, Terriers and Polar Bears. ALL with brand new badges!
landing.view.greek19baby.button=See the bundles
landing.view.greek19baby.header=NEW Mini Pet Habitats

RARE Luxuriös gefliestes Bad

landing.view.greek19bath.body=Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath? Particularly when it’s decorated with luxury mosaic tiles. Rare and available for a limited time only!
landing.view.greek19bath.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19bath.header=RARE Luxury Tiled Bath!

RARE Bett des Senators

landing.view.greek19bed.body=Greek senators are said to be the founders of the first known democracy in the world. They deserved a good bed, right? Rare and only available for a limited time!
landing.view.greek19bed.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19bed.header=RARE Senator’s Bed!

NEU: Antikes Griechenland Booster Boxen

landing.view.greek19booster.body=Get a selection of ancient greek-inspired furni from these boxes. If you’re lucky, you might get a Deluxe Athenian Harp! (See our recent website article for details about Deluxe items.)
landing.view.greek19booster.button=See the packs!
landing.view.greek19booster.header=NEW: Ancient Greek Booster Boxes!

[„booster_c19_box1″,“Ancient Greek Booster Box“,““]
[„greek_c19_scrolls1″,“Ancient Greek Scrolls“,““]
[„greek_c19_shield1″,“Ancient Greek Shield“,““]
[„greek_c19_vase1″,“Ancient Greek Vase“,““]

landing.view.greek19booster2.body=Get yourself a selection of ancient greek-inspired furni from these brand new booster boxes! Each one contains different variations, so pick wisely! (OR just get both.)
landing.view.greek19booster2.button=See the packs!
landing.view.greek19booster2.header=NEW: Ancient Greek Booster Boxes!

[„booster_c19_box2″,“Ancient Greek Booster Box“,““]
[„greek_c19_scrolls2″,“Ancient Greek Scrolls“,““]
[„greek_c19_shield2″,“Ancient Greek Shield“,““]
[„greek_c19_vase2″,“Ancient Greek Vase“,““]

Griechisches Heiße Quelle Bündel

landing.view.greek19bundlea.body=Take some time out, revitalise your pixels and take a hot bath in these natural hot springs. (Built by xxxxx.)
landing.view.greek19bundlea.button=See the bundle
landing.view.greek19bundlea.header=Greek Hot Springs Bundle

Koloss von Rhodos Bündel

landing.view.greek19bundleb.body=Built as a dedication to the greek sun god Helios, this statue was one of the seven wonders of the world. Check out this bundle and pick up your own piece of ancient greek history! (Built by xxxxx.)
landing.view.greek19bundleb.button=See the bundle
landing.view.greek19bundleb.header=Colossus of Rhodes Bundle

RARE Goldenes Szepter Talermöbel

landing.view.greek19cf.body=These beautiful pieces of metalwork are worth 350 credits. Rare and never to be sold again – invest while you can!
landing.view.greek19cf.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19cf.header=RARE Golden Sceptre Credit Furni!

RARE Antikes Griechenland Streitwagen

landing.view.greek19chariot.body=Maybe you’ll never be able to own an ancient greek chariot in real life. But it’s Habbo – so you can. RARE and NEVER to be sold again!
landing.view.greek19chariot.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19chariot.header=RARE Ancient Greek Chariot!

NEU Diamanten Gemälde

landing.view.greek19diamond.body=Go and see all of the exquisite new diamond paintings we’ve just added to the Catalogue’s wall decorations section. If you’re a collector, you NEED to see them!
landing.view.greek19diamond.button=See the furni
landing.view.greek19diamond.header=NEW Diamond Paintings!

Goldene Antike Harfe LTD

landing.view.greek19ltd.body=There is a limited number of these impeccably crafted Athenian Harps. You know you want one!
landing.view.greek19ltd.button=See the LTD
landing.view.greek19ltd.header=Gold Athenian Harp LTD!

RARE Theater Maske

landing.view.greek19mask.body=There’s a mask for every occasion. Well, not EVERY occasion. However, we’ve got a tragic mask and a comedic mask for sale. Both rare, both never to be sold again!
landing.view.greek19mask.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19mask.header=RARE Theatrical Masks!

[„clothing_r19_tragedymask“,“Tragedy Mask“,““]
[„clothing_r19_comedymask“,“Comedy Mask“,““]

RARE Medusa Maske

landing.view.greek19medusa.body=Snakes for hair. Snakes for hair! SNAKES FOR HAIR! Rare and never to sold again. Get one of these hairstyles while you can, Habbos!
landing.view.greek19medusa.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19medusa.header=RARE Medusa Hair!

RARE Minotaurus Hörner

landing.view.greek19minotaur.body=Become the mythical beast. Rare and never to be released again!
landing.view.greek19minotaur.button=See the rare
landing.view.greek19minotaur.header=RARE Minotaur Horns!

NEU Antikes Griechenland Möbel

landing.view.greek19new.body=Go and check out the mini furni line we released for our Ancient Greek revisitation event!
landing.view.greek19new.button=See the furni
landing.view.greek19new.header=NEW Ancient Greek Furni!

[„greek_c19_chair“,“Ancient Greek Stool“,““]
[„greek_c19_fruitbowl“,“Bowl of Fruit“,““]
[„greek_c19_harp“,“Athenian Harp“,““]
[„greek_c19_pythagorascup“,“Pythagorean Cup“,““]
[„greek_c19_statue“,“Bronze Warrior Statue“,““]
[„greek_c19_table“,“Ancient Greek Table“,““]
[„greek_c19_wall“,“Ancient Greek Wall“,““]

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SBMU schrieb am 5. April 2019 um 14:54 #

Griechenland.. – erneut? Würde sowas wie das Römische Reich doch bevorzugen..